Friday, August 15, 2014

Where Do You Get Inspiration?_Craft Room Update

WHERE DO YOU GET INSPIRATION? Magazines, books, Youtube videos, different bloggers, and God's beautiful creation are all things that can inspire me. These things especially help when I'm in a creative funk, which happens way more often than I'd like. The one place that has been inspiring me the most recently, is my craft room. As it becomes more and more the way I want it, it's where I want to be, even when I have nothing, in particular in mind, to work on. 
I think it's important that we make our space a place we want to be in. For me, I love things to have a place, though, being organized has always been a challenge for me. I also like my furnishing to be white. Now, that might sound boring to some, but I like how clean it makes the room look. My walls, curtains, supplies, and decorative items are where the color comes in. A big challenge I had in creating my space is the fact, that I like to see my stuff  (it's more likely to get used, that way), but I don't do well in clutter. It literally hinders my thinking and creativity. I've found that baskets are not only great for storing things, it add a nice feel to the space.
I don't want you to think you have to spend a lot of money though, on creating an inviting place for yourself. Most of the storage in my room is inexpensive. I bought the many Jetmax/Recollection cubes at Micheal's when they were on sale. For most of it I waited until I had an extra 20% or 25% off total purchase INCLUDING SALE ITEMS! Talk about a rush. Can someone say, "happy dance"? I love a deal. The large peg board is from the hardware store, and was very inexpensive (a whole lot cheaper than the set of three I bought from Micheal's).  Lastly, I try to re-purpose stuff as much as I can, but only if I can make it look nice in the space. I could go on, but that would bore you, so here's my most recent Youtube video on my craft room. It still needs a little work, but for the most part, I think most things are where I want them to stay. Hope you enjoy the tour : )

For more craft room ideas check out Pinterest and the multitude of Youtube videos. There are spaces of every size, and style. You will find many tips and ideas.So, tell me what you think and, where your inspiration comes from. It doesn't have to be craft related. 

Enjoy the journey : )

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


"Mr. BIG SHOT, who do you think you are? Mr. BIG SHOT, you're surely gonna get my love." O.k. that's not exactly how the song went, and I'm dating myself. Lol! I know the Big Shot is going to get your love. It's the best looking Big Shot on the market, it's handy, and for the month of August it comes with a FREE BUNDLE of your choice!!! The adorable easel baby cards were made using the Something for Baby bundle set. This bundle is not part of the promotion, but you can choose one of the 5 selected great bundles. Click promotions for details This is such a GREAT DEAL I'm thinking of  puchasing another one, so I have two for classes and workshops. Speaking of classes, this is a great tool for teachers!! Click on pictures for product info.